The Ethereal Power of Music

As I released my first album, After the Rain, so much in my life began to fall apart. I literally felt like a walking country song. My fiancee and I broke up, we lost the house we were living in, my dog ran away, my mother's parents died within a few months of one another, my fiancee's mom died, my ex-husbands parents died (they were a huge part of my young adult years!), and my childhood sweetheart passed away in a tragic car accident with his son Nathan. The title track "After the Rain" was a song I had written to Stephen when I was fifteen and he and his family moved back home to Alabama. The timing of all this built up an overwhelming pressure inside my chest. Added to everything else I have just mentioned, I lost my entire music collection (about ten thousand songs). Some of the music I will never be able to retrieve. I became a dark, black wind. There are a few people who especially helped me through this time and I don't know where I would've ended up without them. Instead of throwing my fist up at the sky, I had to ask "why?". It became clear that I must move back South to be near my family and complete my formal education. I truly hated to leave Rochester which will always be the city I consider home; however, it was clear what must be done. I have so many stories to tell: some filled with horrendous pain and others with brilliant hope. It is all that I have seen that fills my soul with the music I compose. It is really more accurate to state that the music composes me!


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