Welcome to my world. As a poet, painter, and pianist, my inner world is rich with lyrics, color and music. I have a vivid imagination and believe in the infinite beauty of the world around us. Although the world is certainly resplendent with magic there is a large amount of pain in our daily lives. I do not believe we are alive to merely survive. I believe we all have the exponential potential to become the very best of ourselves. I believe in the power of not only my destiny but yours as well. I believe that you have a purpose to serve on this Earth. I believe that you have something to offer that only you can. Every day life offers me more puzzle pieces to construct this grand algorithm that is my existence. I try to inspire every life I touch to become the Divine Light they contain. I am excited to see where this next chapter of life will lead. I  am currently working on my third album which I hope to release this coming Spring. I have fulfilled many dreams so far. I work on my vision every day and would like to take a moment to thank the many amazing people in my life who have helped me come so far. I could not be the women I am today without so many incredible people who offer daily support and so many magical experiences that guide my soul forward. In this changing Age, we know that the light of our soul will certainly guide us home. Follow your inner compass and know that your life is a gift. Live it to the fullest, stay present in every moment, allow each obstacle to make you stronger and be grateful for every joy offered. Come, walk with me, and may we enjoy the road home. 



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